Senior Portrait Planning

These suggestions will help make your senior portrait the best that can be.


If you are scheduled at 3:00 PM, please arrive a few minutes early and be ready for your portrait.


Avoid stripes and plaid! Solid colors photograph much better. Bring a variety of color, (please don’t bring 3 blue outfits even if it is your favorite color.) Avoid clothing that has wording on it except for your own school logo. Vary the style, all one look gets boring. Vary the dress level, bring some dressy and some casual. Some shots are close up, others are full length. Plan outfits completely. It is hard to do a full length formal in your suit if all you brought was big old tennis shoes. Group your outfits together on HANGERS as not to wrinkle. Remember that clothing changes take away from camera time….


Avoid changing your hairstyle or cutting your hair right before your session, let it be natural. Quick easy hairstyle changes during your session are OK. Bring your hair care tools and products with you if need be. Although our photographer tries to help with hair, it is hard to know what your hair style preferences are. Hair style is ultimately YOUR responsibility.


Best tip here, keep it simple. We want the attention to be on you. Big, shiny jewelry can distract from the real subject, YOU. If you have jewelry for different outfits, put each set of jewelry in a plastic baggy and hang it on the hanger with that outfit.


BRING THEM! Bring props that help distinguish who you are. Some popular choices are: Sports equipment: soccer ball, football, hockey stick, hurdle etc…Also may we suggest sports uniforms: musical instruments or any hobbies that you are in, you name it! Why not even bring your car!


Most glasses glare; some prescriptions more than others. It would be preferable to see your optometrist. Most will “loan” you frames, without lenses, similar to yours for your photo session. Please keep in mind that outdoors glasses will also glare and reflect.


AVOID SUNBURN! Sunburn and peeling skin DO NOT photograph well! Digital enhancement costs apply to remove from your finished portrait.


We retouch blemishes, so don’t work about breakouts. (Scars may be digitally removed on request).


Pets are OK as long as they are house broken. It is required that you bring a friend or family member to care for your pet before we photograph them with you, and then leave with them after. You may also bring a pet carrier/crate to contain them while you are being photographed without them. Treats can be helpful to hold a pet’s attention.


Friends and/or parents are welcome. They can be a help. HOWEVER, if they distract you, it is best to have them wait in the lobby. You can have a couple of shots with a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or sibling at no extra charge.


Let’s face it, we are at the mercy of mother nature. If it rains, no amount of worry with help, we will give you the royal treatment in our new 4 set camera room. You will be amazed at the portraits we can create indoors!


Just let the photographer know if you want tattoos to show or not. It is that easy. Scars are not automatically retouched, but can be removed or softened at your request. Extensive work may have a slight extra charge. Braces? Don’t worry. You could have the tops taken off for your photo session, or they can be* digitally removed. But don’t fight smiling, a smile showing braces, is better than holding back a smile. (Digital enhancement costs apply)


Here is a list of particulars that young ladies should be aware of. There are certain things girls should be aware of and watch for in their preparation:

clothing styles

Wear clothes that make you feel good. White or pastel colors are perfect for lighter backgrounds. Casual outfits and earth tones work best for outdoor portraits. Try to avoid plaids or prints. Be careful of baggy clothes that might make you look larger than you are. Make sure your clothing flatters you. If you think you have large arms, be careful of sleeveless styles. They can make your arms look fuller. We don’t really tell you what you can and cannot wear, but your school may require specific clothing. What one person likes may not be appropriate for the next person. Our philosophy is to dress appropriately, as long as it is rated PG, we are ok with it.

clothes for black & white

The black and white look that is so popular is best with black clothing. The contrast between the skin and black is what makes them so dramatic. Dark bottoms are also in order.

finger and toenails show!

If the paint is chipped or nails broken, it will show. Many casual shots are done barefoot, so don’t forget about those toes! Avoid real bright colors. Natural or basic nail color work best. We don’t want to draw attention to your neon orange toe nails.

tan & strap marks

Tan lines are not attractive in portraits. We suggest you vary your swimsuit top to minimize any tan marks. Remember to not overdo your tanning. Skin that looks like dark leather is not the most attractive.


Makeup should only be slightly heavier than normal, (preferably evening make up).


Bring the right shoes for the outfits. Docs or sandals photograph much better than big, bright tennis shoes.

Bring a dark t-shirt to wear under dark shirts. A white t-shirt triangle under a dark shirt sticks out like a sore thumb. So bring a black or gray. Avoid large, bold brand names or words on clothing. No need to make your portraits advertising billboards for a clothing brand.


Please make sure you are clean shaven. Retouching stubble costs are extra and still does not look as good as a clean shave. Got a goatee that mom hates but you love? Do your casual shots first with it on, then bring a razor and go to the rest room and shave it off for mom’s formals. Everyone is happy that way!


Be careful of changes right before your session. Bleached hair does not photograph well. It is a short lived trend and you may find it looking real silly once thetrend is gone. Natural or maybe frosted tips are better than the white, totally bleached look. You may not even have that style at the end of the year.